Monday, November 15, 2010

Off to WVU & Mountaineer Week...

and what fun that was! Ok, so it wasn't so fun to lug everything up a "shared" freight elevator for the set-up, but once it was set up and we were ready to go, it was fabulous. The students, professors, parents and other vendors were just wonderful! I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it. This festival, held in the Mountainlair Student Union, has been around for a lot of years (somewhere around 63) and the whole week is packed full of all kind of activities worth checking out. Though my booth typically doesn't have blue in the background, I thought it was very appropriate to use their colors and I thought it turned out very "WVU festive". Some of my favorites purchases were handmade soaps and a "way cool" poppy pillow! They had everything you could think of from tasty pastas, bee products, fiber, pottery, chocolates, of course jewelry, stained glass and much much more. is a little recap of the week - notice my wacky and fun Topper Stoppers (bottle stoppers) are featured and sold out at this event!

Monday, September 27, 2010


What a picturesque moment during CanalFest. I felt like I was a big part of Cumberland Maryland and it's C&O Canal history.

Did you know, that the celebrated opening in Cumberland of the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal occurred in October of 1850, where 5 coal boats awaited the first trip to Georgetown? Canal engineers began near the nation's capital in 1828 to construct 184.5 miles of ditch and towpath.

The new Fairfield was behind me, along with the canal boat replica. Set at night with a glowing lamp post above and wha la, atmosphere!

Nothing like friends surrounding you during an event. We sure end up at a lot of festivals together and it can be a really good time! Printer Eddie and Potter Steve surround me as we enjoyed the great music line-up!

I can't forget my wonderful friend Annie and her beautiful booth and work. She does such fun paper products and always keeps me company! Sometimes events don't go off perfectly for us and it's times like these that it becomes more than about the mighty dollar.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Deep Creek Art & Wine...

This was my first year of attending the Deep Creek Art & Wine Festival. It was a short but fun event. Everyone had jolly spirits as they shopped for goodies, like my newly introduced my fun and wacky Topper Stoppers, while they sipped (or gulped) tasty wines. Most of the area is under cover since it's held at the Garrett County Fair Grounds in McHenry, MD. Even though the event is to benefit the American Red Cross each year, it certainly benefits the many wonderful and quality vendors, as well as, the tummies of all those who came out to support it! I went home with a few bottles myself! Mmmmm.....

Monday, August 30, 2010

WV cabin creativity....

Nothing quite like being one with nature while you make work while under deadlines!

I'm not stocked with a ton of tools at this location - since it is supposed to be a place for rest, relaxation and recovery from what life throws at us.

That doesn't stop fun designs or the ability to be creative. There is something to be said for working in the woods. It lends to inspiration!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Odd textures....

So, I'm intrigued by the oddest of items, and images photographed of them lend to creation at a later date. This image is trash built up in the Inner Harbor of Maryland.

I found the next amusing, reminding me of soda bottle lids.

And finally I loved the lines of architecture versus the bricks, peeps and tables below. Don't you just wonder who those little heads belong to at the Maryland Science Center?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

TIME OUT for tye dye.....

Like mother, like daughter, or in this case daughter and friends of daughter! They all got their creative juices going and produced some fun shirts! Chaise, Sydney, Moriah & Georgy had fabulous time.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Macee was selected to join Mountain Made....

West Virginia has so many wonderful places to visit, this being one of them. If you want some really cool art in a really cool building, check out Mountain Made.

Mountain Made is deep in the area near Canaan Valley. Lots of outdoor skiers head out to vacation and typically end up in Thomas to check this store out! They also have an online catalog if you can't make it there.

Macee's work will be available in the late fall, just in time for the holiday season. Stop in and check it out and pair it up with a stay at one of the many fabulous resorts. You have Timberline and Canaan Valley Resort to take on some down hill skiing activities and one of our favorites for cross country and FABULOUS alternative foods, is White Grass ! It is well worth a trip to the area! Just talking about it makes me want to book a stay myself!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Art in the Park....

Another festival down and with new merchandise, mixed in with cool older classic Macee designs.

It was a beautiful weekend with the weather being gorgeous along the side of Deep Creek Lake! I went back to my older display since we were on uneven ground. Such is the life of an artist that goes to outdoor shows, ALWAYS uneven ground!
Lucky me, I got to be beside my good friend Annie and her lovely handmade paper creations! She keeps exploring and these quilt like sewn paper 2D works are fabulous!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dropping off art for jury in WV....

In my world, it will forever be about the art, but it can certainly do me no harm to also be about the food. The Purple Fiddle in Thomas WV is one of those places, if you haven't discovered, you need to drop in and check it out. They have a line up of music that includes old-time and traditional bands, but also a little rock n' roll, jazz, funk, raggae, Celtic, folk, Latin and more. The menu consists of a lot of fresh made unique wraps, homemade falafel, hummus, and pico de gallo and is served in a dining area either outside or eclectic in nature inside. You can even draw with chalk on the walls in the lady's bathroom! Fun.

A cute and small artsy gallery is located just a short jaunt away. It is owned by a couple local artists.

One of their displays is quite interesting. They had a bow in the floor and decided it would be really cool to insert a door to take care of the issue, then suspend another door on top to use as a display table. Clever and fun. This was currently being used for "buttons", of which Seth created a lot of the sayings and images on them. My daughter ended up with many of them. They included a couple of my favorites that he made to just see if you would say them out loud to make you sound silly: "supa sep secky suchy saba susser sa!" and "licka lally lupa luck luk!". Then there were "buttons are sexy"and "cheeses priced".

This is Sean, one of the co-owners. His work is super cute and comic in nature about life, drawn with sharpies and microns. His work can be seen at We spent a good bit of time talking to him and Chaise walked out with several items, to include a print. He had a wonderful and welcoming personality and was super easy to talk to about why he does what he does.

Our main goal to our journey was to stop in to Mountain Made. It is this wonderfully old, large building and has a fabulous gallery of art and fine craft. Not only can you shop here, you can shop on-line at Since I also have a home in West Virginia, I was able to take my jewelry to be juried to see if I could become an artist represented by Mountain Made that was established to promote WV artists. They offer classes, art studios and, of course, art. The work is dropped off and the wait time of about a couple weeks begin as they look over my work to see they agree that I am a nice fit for their gallery and that my quality is what they are looking for. Judging by the work currently there (I've shopped there many times before), I think I'll make a nice addition. Wish me luck!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Art on the River & the new display....

It was that time of the year for me when you decide it's time to go be one with your customer base. It never is a small task and I always appreciate what other artists do to get their work out to the masses. I started this season with a trying out a new, and what I hoped to be, easier and less time consuming display to set up. My family humored me as I roughly tried it out in our livingroom for about a week!
My daughter helped me pack the Rover. This is only part way filled and with the new display, quite the puzzle to put together! I can't believe what I stuffed in there! Uhm, time to buy a larger vehicle.
The new display. It set up, knocking 2 entire hours off my time! It is a flat surface set-up only though, so on unlevel ground, I'm back to tacking on those hours. I was pleased with how it clean it looks.
I love my snazzy banner a friend created for me out of my images. It all added to my professional image and was very well received by my customers at Arts on the River in Morgantown! Thanks to those who always make it worth my while to hump and slump my entire store to them.
Another contemporary artist was at the festival and decided to play artist on the sidewalk in front of his space. Some kids even joined in, and it ended up to be a pretty cool piece. He almost had his own type of language and it was about 20 feet long by the time he stopped. It stuck around for both days considering people were walking on the Deckers Creek Trail that begins at the Hazel Ruby McQuain River Front Park, where our small festival was located. Funny, but people didn't want to step on it!
Of course, one of my favorites is the paper booth! Annie Morris Simcoe (from or check her out on under ABPH) makes fabulous hand made paper, out of things like ramps, vegetable matter and so many other items. Then she sews the papers together to make both 2D work and 3D vessels, jewelry and lamps. This lovely friend put me up for the weekend in Morgantown and we both tried to deal with the upper 90's that mother nature threw at us. It is always lovely to be at a festival, side-by-side with a friend, but especially one that has such refreshing and original work. Did I mention, I own many of her pieces! Now, on to the next festival.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chincoteague + girls + art + BILL = fun!

So we left the big city behind by crossing the linear and cool geometic Bay Bridge on our long girls week & end adventure to go hang at a cute little vacation pad on Chincoteague Island in Virginia, owned by another friend who graciously said - have it.
We arrive to see lush, marshy areas as we made our way to the island.
The trip surrounded this lovely chickie because it was her special birthday. We all got to enjoy the yummy peachy dessert Ceil made for Dalis.
And who could resist purchasing her something from this way cool shop!
Truth be told, we must have been in here a half dozen times, at least during the trip. This coffee and way fabulous art shop sits right at the entrance to the island and you can't miss it or it's quaint attitude!
We just couldn't leave it. There was something crammed in every nook on both floors.
So we went to the island for the water, right?! Annie had a wonderful suggestion that we take a tour with Captain Ray. We got to explore for 3 hours, since the Captain was passionate about the island. Good thing we thought to bring wine and cheese over this dinner hour! Ceil and Annie were enjoying the wonderful breeze of the evening, prior to spotting some dolphin. Favorite quotes from the Captain? "Maam, I think you're losing your dress!" and "My goodness...."
And speaking of the sea... do you sea what I sea?

Annie in her new island cowgirl get-up, that has made it's way back to Cumberland.

A nifty assemblange.

can be so close to Ocean City without going and
playing with Ceil's family who has a vacation home by the beach. We got together with them for a fun and fabulous dinner at Fager's Island. Elizabeth , Theresa, Helen and Maria told us wonderfully entertaining stories.

Maria has a lovely
evening walk way through the dunes to the beach outside of her condo.

One of our mornings,
we decided that Dalis, Ceil and I would take a bike ride through the Assateague Island Wildlife Refuge.
The mist was still apparant above the water.

The Great Egrets could be seen in large flocks having marsh parties.
I was taken aback at how uniquely beautiful and preserved this area was.
I thought perhaps I could sit here for days. That could have been the case, had it not been for the plastic bag that was wrapped around my camera, that came loose and took a hike on the wind, making it's way at this beautiful scene.
My mad dash to stop the tumble of the plastic bag into the marsh, put me behind a bit and I had to pick up my speed to catch up. Trust me, these girls have been exercising a bit more than me lately. I did so, right about the time of seeing Dalis and Ceil pass through these tall trees. I felt almost as if we were going through a tall gate, because all the surrounding trees were dwarfed compared to these tall'ies.

I wanted to stop and sit right there to see what would pop out of the refuse, but alas, the girls were always ahead of me and we had a beach to go plop our butts on. Annie was already there by car, waiting for our arrival.
We got detoured one last time, to see the famous wild ponies of Assateague Island. They were all bowed down to nibble on the grass and one little one decided it was nap time.
The beach is only backed by the Assateague Island Wild Refuge, so there are no condos, restaurants or shop in view. Only nature. AND BILL. He was always around, every day we went to the beach and loves Goldfish brand crackers.

I am and forever will be a texture girl. I love applying it to my art in so many forms. So my images tend to not be of the people on the beach, but the waves crashing in, creating such a mix and play of colors, shapes, light, and I can almost touch the bumpiness of the view.
The transistion of the color and textures are fabulous. I found myself almost trying to pick out shapes to throw into my jewelry designs. Almost! I was tired from all the biking and decided to go read a book on my new beach chair as the breeze and mist from the ocean washed over our mini vacation. Okay, okay, so MY final trip to the coffee art shop ended up in more purchases, to include a little cup like vessel from this artist. AGAIN with the texture. Love it. Too bad I procrastinated and missed a set I was going to purchase. But I was happy to take any one of these little guys home for my art collection.
Our mini vacation was coming to an end and we had had a fabulous and relaxing time of it. I enjoyed my time on the beach with great friends.
BILL was even there and we learned he spied something else orange on the picnic table behind the pad. What's witht he orange BILL? I'd like to think he was there to say goodbye.