Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jewelry Arrives In Scotland!

I'm officially an international artist! My jewelry has crossed the seas arriving Nov 1st to be included in a really cool jewelry show in Scotland ! I'm totally jazzed. .

What a journey this was, learning to adapt to customs requirements for the United Kingdom and the time spent on the phone gauging what I could and could not ship via UPS and all the restrictions!  Apparently spent bullet shells are a NO NO, so I had to hold back some very cool and striking jewelry pieces.  Live and learn, but after much hoop jumping, the work made it there safe and sound and just in time to put on display for the opening.  Jenni was simply "brilliant" to work with (as I thoroughly enjoyed her sweet jovial accent) and I really appreciated the invite to such a cool show.    Robin, one of the super friendly owners, extended this invitation to me so I could be a "little ol' representative" of the U.S. since she is originally from here and come to find out has been seeing my work for quite some time and thought it would be a unique fit for Scotland since she hasn't seen anything like it.  I was tickled at the invite and excited by the representation in the beautiful small village of Oyne in rural Aberdeenshire!  I can't wait to make a future journey to this contemporary gallery and explore Scotland.  Now, where'd I put my kilt and bagpipe?