Sunday, April 10, 2011

Inspiration at any age!

We are blessed in life if we find those individuals we can look up to, but even luckier if we find it in a different generation. I find a kinship in such a person - Willard Dominick. The gap in our years is large, almost by 50 years! That, however, doesn't stop the flow of conversation. Though our visits tend to be short and few and far in between, they are always interesting and dearly precious to me! This is someone who I could sit with for days, just taking in all the wonderful stories that come from his life. Maybe it's because he reminds me of my grandfather, Pappap, who passed away some years ago. They both have this innovative and creative nature and it makes me feel at home in my own skin. Willard is my kin, even though it is through being only an in-law... he is a brother-in-law to my father-in-law! Sounds funny, but he is my family, none-the-less. We had a chance to visit him at his Retrospective show "Viva L' Arte" that was on display at the Gallery at the Gamble Mill in Bellefonte, PA last weekend.
The Last Supper - Urban Renewal is a favorite. I remember seeing this oil painting (dated 1962) in his absolutely fabulous studio!
The event was held at Gamble Mill, which is rich in history dating back to 1786. This fabulous old mill has been through many conversions and several owners, of which, it now houses a wonderful restaurant and microbrewery. It was the first building in Bellefonte to be placed on the National Register for Historic Places (

Stone Henge was in a show in New York, back in the day.

Baths of Caracalla and Villa Petto, Chiesa are two of my favorites!
Love the textured details in this acrylic!
And the use of color.
Carved Fish, is actually a carving before it's painted and very fun.
Music is a part of his life, so I'm not surprised to find this Split Violin assemblage. It is interesting if you walk through the show or check it out online to see the diversity of his work and characters over the years. Truly an inspiring man and I'm lucky to have met him.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Jewelry, pottery & Nora Roberts....

Come have fun with us at the Open House and the book signing event! Mary McCunn & Steve Sullivan Open House at Nora Roberts' - Gifts Inn Boonsboro. 4/2/11 SATURDAY 11-3p.m. Stop by & visit Mary (jewelry) & Steve (pottery) in Nora’s giftshop that features regional artists. Next door at her bookstore, Turn the Page, Nora will be signing her new book (Chasing Fire)!