Monday, September 9, 2013

Hats, wood and metal

My booth pictured at the Deep Creek Art & Wine Festival.  It was a short one day event, but enjoyable in many ways.  It had great artwork by vendors, really fun customers (um, that may have had something to do with all the wine) and it is usually an easy set up and tear down of my display.  Only problem this year - when I was packing away my large sheets of glass, one pretty much exploded.  All the marble like glass pieces shot out of the back of the van AFTER everyone else had left except for my potter friend.   Not fun, but just part of doing "traveling" shows.

I worked alone this year since my helper left for college so I was able to look around me for some nice art.  I love the look and SMELL of the woodworker's products beside me.  It reminded me of growing up in the home of a carpenter.
Ladies, it's all about the jewelry - I KNOW, but it's also about the hat!   Some of my favorite customer "peoples" are fabulous hat wearers.  Hats, jewelry and wine, who can ask for more?
Another neighbor and blacksmith made superb items with very clean lines.  But - why did he elevate his tables off the floor on the mini tables?  (Ok, so I do know why,  it made them feel even more luxurious, if that was possible.)  His quality shined!