Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dropped off an order to Gifts Inn Boonsboro....

Industrial Bohemian available at Gifts Inn Boonsboro

One of my favorite artists and friend, Jean Barnes Downs http://solitudestudio.com/, and I went on a ROAD TRIP to drop off art & jewelry product to Gifts Inn Boonsboro in Boonsboro, Maryland yesterday.  We talked happily along the drive about our art, my new industrial bohemian jewelry line that I was taking to store, and her upcoming Artist in Residence trip to Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado that will allow her to explore the park to gain inspiration for her future work.  
We also talked of the success of Gifts Inn Boonsboro due in part to books  that best selling author Nora Roberts has recently written based in the area. Nora owns this lovely store and I was lucky to be in the first selection of artist to sell here years ago.  http://giftsinnboonsboro.com/ 
 The first two books of her trilogy are titled "The Next Always" & "The Last Boyfriend".  They are based in this quaint rural town which is nestled at the foot of South Mountain, between Hagerstown and Frederick. Founded in 1792 by George and William Boone, cousins of Daniel Boone, Boonsboro forms a gateway to relevant colonial and Civil War heritage sites including Washington Monument State Park, South Mountain, and Antietam National Battlefield.
 Boonsboro is also the home to the Inn BoonsBoro - a beautifully restored historic bed-and-breakfast located on the square, also owned by Nora.  The Inn BoonsBoro's front porch looks very inviting!

Next on our trip was to linger in the nearby Shepherdstown, Maryland where we had a yummy lunch, some shopping at another art store and who could pass up a coffee at the very artsy Lost Dog Coffee shop!
There is always new art on the walls and this was a pretty fun installation hanging.  I loved what looked like burlap coffee bags as cushions for your hiney!
If the walls don't get your artsy side juicing, then you just take a quick trip to the bathroom and soak in the wackiness.
No reading material needed as you exit out all that java you just took in.
Sometimes I think this is what too much caffeine makes you see!
It all makes you feel so fun & bubbly inside.
 But we weren't able to linger because Jean had to get home to begin her packing for her trip so we decided to take our fabulous java concoctions on the road, heading into the rain and home to the western mountains of Maryland.  I don't know if it was the many shots of espresso in our drinks, but we gabbed incessantly the entire way home!