Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Let the shows and crazy crunch time begin....

So there is a lot that goes into fine art shows on the road.  You have a ton of prepping to do and inventory to make.  Once you get on the road, you never know how a show is going to turn out, let alone what may happen along the journey that you have to face.  Here's a snapshot of what goes on for us traveling art vendors! 
Yoki gazing up at my helper as she works on parts of earrings!  What a big help they are during crunch time... well, Yoki is just there for moral support and wags her tail to say "job well done" as we work to complete earrings.

That heavy copper ball helps me put some unique curve to some of my jewelry and is part of my technique.

Cut-out earring in production, almost done, but not quite.

Chaise said she was channeling Piver!  If you know a fabulous artist friend of ours who has given up making some wonderful jewelry, you'd totally get it! 

Earrings prior to the finishing!

Steel bangles & rings about to get nubs!  These soon-to-be beauties will go to Manhattan Golf & Gallery when completed, but first I need to fire up my torch to complete these!

A pile of work that needs blackening.

What is blackening you ask?  Well this!  I get this via a chemical, and later I add a "brushed" finish to pull most of that back off, except for the recessed areas.  Gives the work a whole new dimension!
Almost packed to head off to Ohio, Indiana & Kentucky, but need to add merchandise and huge overloaded suitcase, snacks, and iPhone gps!

My home away from home in Toledo Ohio, thanks to Barbara who rents via Airbnb!  I rented a room from her.

Barbara is also an artist!  Her stipling on tile are cool.  She's also a writer and fabulous hostess!

We took a walk, this is the neighborhood she lives in.  Love all the walls around the properties and old trees.

And the coolest birdhouse ever!

I'd love to be in there, if I could fit!  I could pretend to be Rapunzel! I do have the hair for it!

On the edge of a park, a cool book nook!  Grab a book temporarily, plop a squat on the grass, relax, read and then put it back so someone else can read it too. 
Getting set up for the first show in Sylvania near Toledo!  It's a lot of work!

My neighbors booth had a directional arrow pointing at what you should buy!  I wonder if they sold it?

Rain comes to mess with our second day!  Good thing day one was great! And thanks to the few who ventured out in this all day downpour!I did not bring appropriate shoes on the road for COLD and RAINY weather!

Barbara and I sit down for a healthy bite to eat after my festival ended to celebrate and chat. 
A cool stipled cow tile she made... Look at that hair!